The Bosco is an eclectic group of artists and engineers, who share a common love for storytelling, cutting edge technology, design, and social media.

  • Kyra Zeller

    Project Manager

    Kyra went to Syracuse University to learn about the music industry and instead she ended up learning about Life. When she graduated, she moved to New York, and someone put her in charge of planning big events! Then she went to live in the mountains for a little while. Then she came back because it was time to come back.
  • Dennis Roberts

    Director of Creative Technology

    Dennis Roberts attended film school at USC, where he honed his talent for digital photography and filmmaking. The Bosco allows him to feed his vanity by taking unlimited beautiful, creative self-portraits.
  • Aaron Fisher-Cohen


    Aaron is a filmmaker and photographer working on his second feature film. He loves helping The Bosco bridge the gap between art, marketing and innovation.
  • Simon Jolly

    Project Manager, Los Angeles

    Born in Virginia, educated in Vermont, worked in New York, Simon is an an audio/visual artist currently based in Los Angeles. He's interested in emerging technology, branding, marketing, and design thinking as a means to solving problems.
  • Camille Venturi

    Project Manager

    Camille was born and raised in the beautiful city they call Chi. She studied Art History at Bates College, dabbled in the music industry in LA, and learned about Commercial Photography in Chicago. Now she's here to make all your dreams come true at The Bosco.
  • Chase Dee Bingham

    Maintenance & Logistics, Los Angeles

    Chase was born in Salt Lake City Utah, educated on the internet, and spent several years in Central America and Hawaii. He loves LA more than most. He has had a wide variety of work experience including co-owning a fried chicken truck, tour managing, and doing wardrobe for tv and film. He dreams of owning a parking lot.
  • Nick Fehr


    With a background in Internet programming, Nick has experience working on a wide variety of digital projects and start-ups. With The Bosco, Nick is always implementing new technological capabilities to keep The Bosco on the cutting edge of social media, marketing, and digital technology.
  • Tazri Afrin

    Account Manager

    Prior to joining the Bosco, Tazri spent the last 2+ years at The FADER working as an Advertising Coordinator and Account Manager. A proud Oberlin College grad, her professional interest includes telling the perfect story using various media platforms. She calls comic books graphic novels and makes the best kebabs in the world.
  • Calvin Kyrkostas

    Event Manager

    From Sea Cliff, NY. Graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in history + spanish in '09. Professional farmer for the last 5 years. Studied photography for 3 years and I love the Bosco because the technology still blows my mind every time I step into the booth to take my 4 photos. And I just love being able to work with the bad boy of the photobooth industry!
  • Joey Pope

    Account Executive

    Joey is from Pittsburgh, PA and educated at Oberlin College. His 3 years in NYC have led him through stints of tv/film production, male-modeling, model-catering (maitering), and other very odd-jobs. He feels the Bosco is a limitless platform for artistic co-mingling in design, communication, expression and love.
  • Sam Jackson

    Event Manager, Los Angeles

    Sam brings his background in photography and graphic design to aid The Bosco team in maintaining a strong aesthetic. He continues to produce personal projects on the side in studio portrait photography, film, and visual arts, while making sure that everywhere The Bosco goes, magic happens.
  • Dave Mcneeley


    Dave was raised outside of Odessa and studied film at Bard College. A quiet and polite small-town boy, he moved to the big city in 2012, cultivating a sort of \"dangerous edge\" he never knew he was capable of. He spends most of his free time watching romantic comedies, browsing the subreddit r/aww.
  • Ben Kopelman

    Ben is a native New Yorker, lawyer, salesman, and writer who took his talents out to Bushwick and joined Team Bosco in 2014. Backed by degrees from Cornell University and Columbia Law School, Ben continues his never-ending hunt for the world's best dumpling, and remains hopeful the Knicks and Jets will one day reward him for his years of loyalty.
  • Tyler Parker

    Event Manager, Los Angeles

    "Los Angeles Based photographer Studied at Long Beach State and worked under Alex Prager as producer/assistant. Joined The Bosco in 2012 One of the oldest members of the bosco boys, yet one of the better looking."
  • Trevor Grove

    Trevor was raised in New York City by two psychologists, and predictably has trouble communicating with humans. Fortunately, he gets along really well with technology and can typically be found whispering into disk drives, or singing 90s R&B at piles of neatly wrapped cables.
  • Andrew Dubow

    Account Manager, Los Angeles

    Andrew Dubow studied visual arts at Bennington College, and has many years of experience within the fine art and commercial photography world. With a strong focus in contemporary art, he also enjoys singing karaoke, juicing, and eating Chinese food.
  • Ben Sweeney

    Project Manager

    "Ben was raised in LA, but got tired of driving so he broke up with his car and moved to NYC. He's interested in phenomenology, climbing rocks, and digital/film photography. Because he's usually behind the camera, there aren't that many photos of him, but the Bosco's helping to change that."
  • Sebastijan Jemec

    Product Design

    Sebastijan is an artist and designer most recently working as an architect. He is interested in phenomenology, environmentally and culturally responsible design, and marketing through design. Sebastijan is working to create an engaging sculptural photobooth that furthers The Bosco's unique brand of social engagement.
  • Alex Jacobs

    Account Manager

    Alex Jacobs was raised in long island. He continued his education and personal development at Oberlin College. The terrible and beautiful great lake winters slowly and effectivly molded his body and mind. A face defined by dark, mediteranian features and gently highlighted by soft, loving eyes.
  • Michael Spilsbury

    Director of Expansion

    Originally from San Francisco, Michael graduated from USC film school in 2009. After 5 years in LA and Sydney, Australia as a consultant for Coca-Cola, Michael began working for The Bosco leading the team that will expand across the country and abroad. With complementary experience in both business and the digital arts, he is well suited for his role as Director of Expansion.
  • Will Kunkel

    Staff Manager

    A Brooklyn resident raised in Sea Cliff, NY and educated at Michigan State University, Will brings his experience in marketing, music, and old fashioneds to the Bosco table for all to enjoy.
  • Anne Beaumont


    Anne brings sixteen years of experience in finance and operations to The Bosco, having worked in high-end optical couture business. Anne holds an MS in Management from E.M. Lyon, France, MBA from York University in Toronto, and MFA in Theatre Arts from Sarah Lawrence College. Theatre brings the artistic and creative spark in her life.